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What Sets Us Apart From Other Contract Agencies?

We set the bar high in terms of expectations of ourselves to deliver services based on contemporary therapy and educational research. Our associations with more than one school district allow us to pool information to assure consistency of knowledge.

Annually, our therapists are formally evaluated by therapists who are experienced in school-based settings on how they have advanced their professional knowledge and practice in school-based therapy either via continuing professional education, collegial collaboration or literature review. We work collaboratively with our contracted districts to develop competencies that are relevant and valuable for each district.

We also have partnerships with local universities and participate with them in student/clinician projects that are relevant to developing new knowledge bases in the field of school-based therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contract for just physical or occupational therapy and keep some of my currently-employed therapists at the same time?

Dominiczak Therapy Associates works with several districts that not only contract with us for a particular therapy service but also employ one or more of their own therapists. Our therapists are highly skilled in working on diverse teams. Our focus is on providing the best possible services for each student we serve and utilizing all team members to accomplish that goal. To that end, we establish professional and collegial relationships with all team members regardless of their employment status within the district.

Does Dominiczak Therapy Associates provide temporary services?

We are more than willing to work with you if you have a need for short-term coverage due to the absence of your regular therapy staff. Our rates are competitive and our therapists are very capable of quickly integrating themselves into new service locations. While we are providing services within your district you will have access to all of the other resources we have to offer such as educational programs, informational newsletters and therapy consultation services.

What do your currently contracted districts say about you?

District Administrators with whom we currently work consistently comment on the ability of our therapists to collaborate with teams and to build and sustain relationships with school district staff, students and families. They appreciate that our commitment is to their students and to promoting skills within those students that foster independence. We have been called knowledgeable, good communicators and reliable. Our contracted districts also appreciate our ability to provide effective and efficient services using current, research-based practices both in our field of expertise and in the field of education.

If you have therapists assigned to service multiple schools/districts, will they be able to participate in meetings or educational plan development for our students?

Our therapists make every effort to participate in educational plan development for students within the schools that we service. We feel that it is extremely important to collaborate as a team in order to maximize student outcomes. Schedule adjustments may have to occur in order to attend meetings and also provide services as stated in the Individualized Education Plans each week; however, this is a priority for our therapists. We work very hard to be as flexible and accommodating in order to maintain collaboration with teachers, support staff, caregivers and students.


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