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We are committed to:

Remaining competitive with wages and benefits within our industry and the communities we serve

Fair treatment of our valued team members

Supporting professional and career development opportunities for all team members

Providing multiple opportunities for team member collaboration and mentoring throughout the year

Providing our customers with the highest quality product or service possible

Maintaining a culture of cooperation and support

Benefits for DTA Team Members:

Short-and Long-Term Disability (for those working at least 20 hours per week)

Employer-paid Life Insurance (for those working at least 20 hours per week)

Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO)

Simple IRA retirement plan with employer matching contribution

Access to an employee assistance program

Professional Liability insurance

Worker's Compensation insurance

Unemployment insurance

Professional/Career Enhancement funds

Mileage reimbursement

Opportunity for business success bonuses

Annual team-building and family appreciation events

We Offer Educational Topics for Therapists and Districts

"Moving Kids of All Abilities to Better Health" - 3 hours

The workshop will present current evidence related to the childhood "obesity epidemic" and how it affects the overall development of all children. A review of typical gross motor development from infancy through age 8 will be offered. Participants will be given information that will allow them to identify potential motor difficulties exhibited by the children they serve, strategies for including children with movement disorders in adequate physical activity along with their typically-developing peers and possibilities for collaboration with families and schools on physical activity programs. Attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in the application of yoga and Pilates-style exercises to promote fitness, alertness and learning in children. A model for using these exercises as part of an early childhood classroom routine will be shared.

"School-Based Therapy Decision-Making for IEP Teams" - Half or Full Day

This presentation will help clarify how occupational and physical therapy services are appropriately used to support Individualized Educational Plans. A model of decision-making that parallels the organization of the IEP document will be discussed.

"School-Based Services (SBS) Medicaid Billing and Documentation Requirements for Providers" - 90 minutes

Current billing and documentation rules and standards will be discussed. Examples of properly completed billing and documentation forms will be offered. A district-specific "question and answer" section will be developed as needed.

"Leading To and Managing Through Change" - 2-3 hours

Learn more about how to guide staff through challenging times, whether they are financial constraints, policy changes, or other types of change occurring in your district. We will explore the differences between leadership and management and identify when each is appropriate to use depending upon the situation. Information will include past and current experience of successful business leaders and managers. This presentation can be customized for your particular needs.

"IEP Document Sequence and The Process of Service Delivery Using Collaborative Methods" - 2-3 hours

Learn how to use the IEP process to:

Collaboratively discuss a child's current level of functional performance in all school routines

Identify and prioritize a child's academic and functional expectations

Determine the annual educational program and goal plan that is child-specific, not discipline specific

Identify supports and services needed to achieve annual goals, including best service delivery options

You will also learn how to critically evaluate current IEP documents for concepts related to the above Objectives, and determine the next steps in moving toward more collaborative IEP development.

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